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Is the boat covered?
Yes.  Two-thirds of the boat is covered by a roof, so most of the seats are in the shade.  The front section is open to the sunshine (and where most children congregate during a cruise).

Is there a restroom?
Yes.  Captain Jim installed a very nice full-size flush toilet in 2005.  It’s the same as you would find in an RV.

Do you have a weight restriction?  Yes.  We cannot accommodate anyone weighing more than 280 lbs.  We cannot bring an electric wheelchair or scooter onboard.  Non-motorized wheelchairs are accepted given advance notice.

What happens when it rains?
Because the weather forecast changes frequently, WE WAIT as long as possible to cancel any cruise.  PLEASE CALL 615-385-7007 ON THE DAY of your cruise, before leaving home.  Captain Jim will post an UPDATED RECORDING to give passengers up-to-date weather news and schedule changes or cancellations.

PLEASE DON’T PANIC 2-3 DAYS AHEAD OF YOUR CRUISE TIME.  We’ve been doing cruises in Ashland City for 12 years, and have learned that weather fronts move quickly.  While there may be heavy rainfall in Nashville, Hendersonville, Franklin or Murfreesboro, that rain may have already moved past our location in Ashland City (northwest of Nashville).  Even if light rain happens, the cruise can continue on schedule or be postponed for 15 minutes.

IF THERE IS DANGER due to wind or lightning, Captain Jim will cancel the cruise.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time.

Can we bring food & beverages?
Yes.  Any food and/or beverages must be in a small cooler that fits under your seat.  The aisle must be kept clear for safety.  Please note that we provide free bottled water.

Do you have life jackets (PFDs)?
Yes, absolutely.  (The newer terminology is PFDs – Personal Flotation Devices.)  We have PFDs to fit all ages and sizes, from toddlers to adults weighing 250 lbs.  

Our passengers are not required to wear PFDs, except during their time in the water on a Kids Adventure Cruise.  However, we respect anyone’s preference, and first-time boaters often wear a life jacket to feel safe and comfortable.

What birds and wildlife do you see?
You will always see our favorite bird, the Great Blue Heron.  You are very likely to see several other birds.  Year-round residents include kingfishers, Canada geese, mallard ducks, wood ducks, black vultures, turkey vultures, wild turkeys, and American Bald Eagles.  Depending on the season and the birds’ migratory patterns, you may see cliff swallows, bank swallows, osprey, double-crested cormorants, prothonotary warblers, Great White Herons and Great Egrets.  Occasionally we see other wildlife such as fish, snakes, deer, raccoons, groundhogs, beaver and otters.

What else do you see?
Water skiers, jet skiers, canoeists, kayakers, families fishing,  houseboats, pontoon boats, speed boats, yachts, tugboats, barges, waterfront homes, boat docks, bridges, and occasionally an airplane.  Sometimes we get a free air show!  Sometimes we see a volleyball game in the middle of the Cumberland River!

What ages enjoy the boat?
ALL AGES!  No kidding!  Seniors usually prefer to come during the warmer part of the day, before or after lunch.  Adults enjoy ALL our cruises.  Of course, children enjoy the shorter, more active daytime cruises rather than the lazy, ultra relaxing Sunset Cruise.  For children under 12, we recommend the Nature Cruise or Kids Adventure Cruise.

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