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IMPORTANT:  PLEASE FIND “500 TENNESSEE WALTZ PARKWAY” (the A.O. Smith factory).  Then look ACROSS THE STREET from the factory; you will see open fields and the driveway into RIVERBLUFF PARK. 

(The park’s actual address is 175 Old Cumberland Parkway, but the sign is very small and there is no “street,” just the driveway into the park.)



Would you please call us if your plans change?  Please be courteous and call us at least 24 hours in advance at 615-385-7007.  Large groups, please call at least 72 hours in advance at (615) 385-7007.  Why?  Because if you cancel, we need time to book other passengers so Captain Jim can make a living.

Passenger Weight

We must be notified of any passengers weighing over 250 lbs.  We cannot accommodate anyone weighing over 280 lbs.  We cannot bring an electric scooter or electric wheelchair on board the boat.

Where to Park & Board

  1. DIRECTIONS are on our website.  There is also a Google Maps link.  Addresses are listed below.  IMPORTANT:  PLEASE FIND 500 TENNESSEE WALTZ PARKWAY (a big factory), then GO ACROSS THE STREET TO RIVERBLUFF PARK.

  2. Watch your speed in Ashland City, as the 25 mph speed limit is enforced.

  3. After you park, please walk to the riverbank.  You must wait on shore – not on the dock.  Please stay calm even if you do not see the boat when you arrive; the boat may be upriver or downriver on another cruise.

  4. Please be on shore 5-10 minutes before your cruise time.  Our dock allows only 15 minutes for boarding.  Example:  the boarding time for the 1:00 cruise is 12:50 p.m. until 1:05 p.m.

  5. Advance payment is required when you make your reservation online. Tips are always welcome; there is a tip jar hanging from the boat railing.

  6. Eating at Riverview?

If you are eating at Riverview Restaurant (across the river), please allow 1-1/2 to 2 hours as it is a very popular spot, especially on weekends.  RIverview accepts reservations for groups of nine (9) or more; call 615-792-7358.


If you have any weather concerns, please call 615-385-7007 two to three hours before your cruise.  We do not cancel cruises more than 24 hours in advance.  Captain Jim waits to see what weather actually develops; he will record a new message when necessary.

What to Bring

  1. Cash or Check if not prepaid.  (Book online and you can pay with debit card, credit card, or PayPal account.)

  2. Appropriate weather protection:  sunscreen and/or a hat, sunglasses, sweater/jacket, gloves, etc.

  3. Cameras/binoculars if you like.

  4. Food and beverages?  You may bring food and beverages as long as they fit in a 6-pack cooler that will stow under your seat.  We must leave the center aisle clear for safety.

  5. Wine or beer?  Sunset Cruise passengers may bring wine or beer.   Please note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the park, so they must be consumed and disposed of on board the boat.

  6. *** PRIVATE CRUISE - You may bring your own cooler(s).  Please leave the center aisle clear for safety, and be aware that large coolers cut down on floor space and passengers' freedom.

  7. Kids or Adults Adventure Cruise:  One (1) adult is required for every four (4) children, for appropriate supervision while they are in the water.  All children are required to wear life jackets (provided by Blue Heron Cruises) while in the water.  Wear swimsuits under your clothes and bring sunscreen and towels.  You may eat aboard the boat or at Riverbluff Park where there are picnic tables, a picnic paviilon, restrooms and a playground.

Access & Boarding

  1. Our boarding location can accommodate anyone who can walk 50'.  We have had MANY passengers who use walkers or canes.

  2. For anyone with mobility issues, please have your driver continue on the circular park driveway past the parking lot and then left; the vehicle will wind up parallel to the river.  Passengers can unload from the vehicle and walk about 30' on level surfaces (sidewalk, bridge and dock) and take ONE STEP up onto the boat.


  1. Riverbluff Park, where we board passengers:  PLEASE LOOK FOR 500 TENNESSEE WALTZ PARKWAY, ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015.  This address is the location of a large factory, the A.O. Smith Water Products Co.  GO ACROSS THE STREET TO RIVERBLUFF PARK.  (The official park address is 175 Old Cumberland Street, but its designation as a "street" is misleading; Old Cumberland Street is now the driveway into the park and there is only one small street marker noting Old Cumberland Street.)

  2. The closest intersection is Highway 455/Tennessee Waltz Parkway and Highway 49.  The park is South of that intersection.

  3. Riverbluff Park has a playground, picnic pavilion, restrooms, picnic tables and grills.

  4. Riverview Restaurant is a very popular catfish restaurant located directly across the river from the park.  Address is 110 Old River Road.  Phone number is (615) 792-7358.  Riverview takes reservations for groups of nine (9) or more.

  5.  A great hiking trail is nearby, the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. See “TRAIL” on our Links page.  We recommend using the Eagle Pass/Sycamore Creek trailhead.  Approximate directions are:  FROM RIVERBLUFF PARK, turn LEFT on Tennessee Waltz Parkway.  Immediately turn RIGHT onto Cumberland Street.  At the 1st light, turn LEFT onto Highway 12 North.  Go 1.1 miles (past the Deerfield Inn) and turn LEFT on Chapmansboro Road.  Go 1.8 miles (past Sycamore Creek Recreation Area).  Watch for signs for “Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail,” park and hike!

We are very grateful that you found us!  We hope you enjoy your cruise aboard the Blue Heron and that you will spread the good word about your adventures with us!